Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jeans Recycling Part Duex

Chloe the dog has a tired old dog bed.
Chloe the dog loves her alpha.
Chloe would like nothing more than to have a new
bed made from two pair of her alpha's tired old jeans.
Chloe is a little dog.
She is 11 pounds after a big meal.
The "pillow" portion of her bed measures only 16" across.

I dug through my kitchen cupboards and found a Christmas
platter roughly 16" across I could use for a circle template.
I laid the platter on my jean leg and traced 3 circles.
One for the base of my dog bed, and two for the pillow.
I used three jean legs opened on one seam.
For the pillow, with right sides together, I sewed around the outside of the two pillow circles, leaving a 4 inch opening for turning. I turned the circles right side out. Since I had no ready made stuffing I used some old t-shirts from the donation pile for stuffing. After stuffing, I sewed the opening closed with a top stitch all the way around the circle.

I wanted the outside of the dog bed to look like the waistband of a pair of jeans. I wanted the dog bed to look like a pair of jeans thrown on the floor. In order to make the jeans have a large enough waistband, I pieced the jeans together to create a large rectangle measuring the circumference of the pillow. In order to piece the jeans, laid my rotary cutter and ruler ten inches below the waistband on each of two pair. Using one waistband as my main piece, I cut pieces out of the second pair and added them to the main waistband to "expand" the waist to measure the circumference. When adding pieces, I layered the new pieces over the main piece and sewed them on without bothering to sew rights sides together.
I figure when the bed is washed the raw edges will fray nicely.
When sewing the rectangular piece for the outside of the dog bed
I sewed exclusively on the pre-existing orange stitching, except
when adding the extra width for the circumference.
When sewing the extra width, I used a grey thread that disappeared
when sewing over the denim.

For some color, I added a pair of my husbands boxers to the fly of the jeans!
I created a matching rectangular strip from the remaining jean leg and sewed the two rectangles together with right sides matching. Once together, I sewed the outside to the remaining center circle, again leaving the raw edges to fray.
Voila! A new dog bed for Chloe that is cool enough for any room!

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