Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beachy Project

We are all about the beach.
And when we are on the beach, the entire family
is on the look out for interesting shells
and beach finds.

Our beach finds have been sitting in on our guest bath
countertop in matching jars, labeled with the beach
name and date we found the shells.
Very nerdy. Very scientific.

Upon our return from our latest destination,
our bathroom still had bare walls and
I was out of jars to put our latest stash in.
What to do?

1. Buy a stack of $4.00 shadow box frames from my local Michael's store.
2. Have my kids type out our beach name and date information
on a piece of cardstock, centering the lettering on the page.
3. Measure the frame opening and cut the cardstock
down to the frame opening less a half inch.
4. Arrange the shells on the cardstock artfully.
5. Hot glue the shells down one at a time to retain arrangement.
6. Using pretty straight pins, pin the paper to the
fabric of the shadowbox.
7. Repeat.
8. Hang.

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