Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Stink at Posting

It is true. I am a lousy post'er. To my credit, I have a new computer and just needed to figure things out AND...Ihave been really busy crafting.

So...let me get-a-posting.

CHAIR. Before.

Naugahyde. Gotta love it. We bought this chair 2 or 3 years ago at the Duke Surplus store for...wait for it...$20.00. The lines are nice, the wood is solid and nice, but the naugahyde is a littlemuch though. To match my newly painted bedroom I wanted to update the chair a bit.

First, I took it apart.

Next I measured and cut the main square piece and measured and cut the rectangle that wrapsaround the seat, making sure that I had plenty of width on the rectangle for the stapling to come. Then, I purchased some white piping and started sewing, sandwiching the piping between the two pieces of fabric.This is what Iended up with... I put the fabric over the old foam frame... and start stapling. Stapling the fabric over the frame is an art. My artist approach is to staple on one side, pulltaught and staple on the other side. Icontinue all around the frame, leaving the corners until the end. The corners are simple folding and stapling. Once the fabric is stapled on, the second row of piping is stapled over the fabric and tucked in.

I repeated the same directions for the top piece, and here is the finished product!

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